MN Unemployment Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the MN Unemployment Login:



Steps needed for accessing the MN Unemployment Login:

1. Load the following link into the address bar of your chosen internet browser by copying and pasting or simply clicking on the provided link:

2. From the dropdown menu click the state program for which you need to access which is the "MN-Unemployment Insurance Program".

3. Enter your user ID into the field provided.

4. Click the continue button.

5. Enter your password in the field provided.

6. Click the continue button to proceed into accessing your account.





If you are having issues with either your user ID or password for your MN Unemployment Login, read the next instructions.

If you have forgotten your password for your MN Unemployment Login, read the following note.

NOTE: There is no way to recover your password at this time via the internet. For resolving this issue, you will need to contact someone at one of the contact numbers that are provided later in this article.

If you have forgotten your user ID for your MN Unemployment Login, follow these steps:

1. On the left side of the continue button there is a highlighted text. This text is asking if your user ID has been forgotten. Click that text in order to proceed to the next step.

2. Enter your card number in the first field provided.

3. Enter your pin number in the next field under your card number.

4. Enter your card verification number in the next field under your pin number.

5. Enter the characters seen in the box into the blank text field that is provided below it.

6. Click the continue button to receive tailored instructions on how to recover your user ID.

7. After recovering your user ID, proceed back to the video or step one of the login processes as mentioned in this article.




Needing to contact someone regarding your MN Unemployment Login? Contact information has been provided here.

Minnesota Unemployment Insurance






ReliaCard Visa Customer Service

1-866-276-5114 (24 hours a day)


Hopefully you are accessing your MN Unemployment Login by now and that your needs have been met by customer service representatives if you had to venture into that route. As the process may change we will keep you up to date here always with accurate information. Bookmark this page and refer back for your future needs.